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An expert witness is an individual that is called upon in a case because they possess knowledge, skills, experience, training and education in a field or discipline relevant to the dispute. Different jurisdictions have their own standards for what exactly qualifies as admissible “expert” testimony in a case, however, judges in Colorado are encouraged to consider the following factors:

  • the specific knowledge, education, qualifications, and experience of the proposed ‘expert witness’
  • the reliability of the principles and scientific methods used
  • whether or not the methods used have been or can be tested
  • the existing rate of error for the methods used
  • how useful the testimony is likely to be to the jury
  • whether the methods have been subjected to prior peer reviews
  • whether there has been evidence used in prior cases to negate or bolster the methodology’s merits

With over 30 years of experience, John D. Goodman possesses the knowledge and experience to offer expert opinion review and testimony on the topic of reasonableness of attorney fees and costs in contractual and statutory attorney fee awards in cases including family law, real estate, construction law, and civil litigation; as well as, claims in cases involving disputes between owners and homeowner associations board of directors.  Please give us a call to discuss your particular matter.


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