First Meeting of the Colorado HOA Task Force

Dear Kerry,

The first meeting of the HB-1105 HOA Homeowner’s Rights Task Force was held at 3pm on Tuesday, October 24th via Zoom.

Participants included: Senator Rhonda Fields, Representative Naquetta Ricks, Mickey Sanders (mediator) Connie Van Dorn, Lee Freedman, Richard “Dick” Brown, Peter Siegel, Eric Turner, David Donnelly, Marcia Waters, Melissa Phipps, Lallis Jackson, Nick Altmann, Jose Trujillo, Jesse Loper, and Joyce Akhahenda.

After introductions and open meeting protocols were addressed, a few members brought forth the items each would like to see discussed and vetted by the task force. Below is a synopsis of those and the task force member who introduced the topic.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Representative Ricks

  • Difference between mediation and arbitration
  • Administrative judge possibility through DORA
  • Binding resolution without high fees

HOA/Manager Licensing – Representative Ricks

  • Would this affect self-managed HOAs
  • Governor Polis prior position/should time be devoted to this
  • Different levels of licensing 

Voter Reform for HOA Budgets – Representative Ricks

  • More transparency
  • Many changes made already to CCIOA veto process
  • Send out notices certified to owners
  • More owner participation wanted, but issues with apathy

HB22-1137 Clean Up Needed – Lee Freedman

  • General discussion about various areas of cleanup
  • Some confusion on the compliance and collections processes within the bill from task force members

HB22-1139 Clean Up Needed – Lee Freedman

  • Lee shared concerns over HOA inability to now enforce on public streets and the issues HOAs face because of it

HB22-1387 Reserve Study Bill Vetoed by Governor Polis – Lee Freedman

  • Ensure proper funding
  • Some reserve studies don’t accurately reflect the current and future needs of the association

Interim Committee to Implement Task Force Recommendations – Connie Van Dorn

Marcia Waters will share the ideas discussed with the legislature.

Potential Agenda Items for the next meeting are: 

  • Fining Authority and Processes, Foreclosure Practices and Communication with Homeowners
  • HB22-1137 (Lee Friedman and Peter Siegel) 
  • Homeowner Advisory committee (Connie Van Dorn)
  • Potential for Interim Committee (Connie Van Dorn) 
  • Protection and Education around Association Funding/Insurance/Construction Defect (Lee Freedman)

CLAC encourages everyone to sign up to attend these meetings to gain an understanding of the function of the task force and what it is expected to achieve. More information can be found on Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies webpage here.

CLAC is committed to educating and providing information to the Task Force on the general understanding of CCIOA. It is our hope that prior to subsequent meetings, education opportunities are presented for task force members to have a clearer understanding of how HOAs operate under CCIOA.

If you have any specific questions regarding this update, please contact CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee chair Danaly Howe


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