The Colorado General Assembly had a busy year, with 418 bills introduced in the House and 238 bills introduced in the Senate. While the Colorado Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) tracked many bills of interest, the piece of legislation of most consequence was HB 22-1137, which restricts an association’s power related to fines and rule enforcement. While CLAC is disappointed that lawmakers chose to pass this bill, CLAC remains optimistic about the possibility of introducing amendments next legislative session and has already begun outreach to lawmakers.

H.B. 22-1137 Common interest communities – unit owners’ associations – rights, responsibilities, and procedures related to an association’s actions to recover delinquent payments – notice requirements – limitation on fines, attorney fees, and interest – repayment plans – limitations on foreclosure – availability of small claims court – civil action for violation of foreclosure law: CLAC opposed this bill, which curtails an HOA’s ability to levy fines and enforce rules as listed in the governing documents. This bill establishes new notice requirements: 

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