Learn more about COVID-19 best business practices here: Over the past several weeks, many non-essential businesses have re-opened their doors in Colorado and in the coming weeks, virtually all businesses will be re-opened after a very long and difficult hiatus. Patrons are excited to eat at their favorite restaurants, shop at their favorite stores, get their hair cut and colored again, peruse museums, go camping, swim at their neighborhood pool and get their lives back to normal.

The truth is, moving forward, there will be a new normal for patrons and businesses alike. Luckily, we are not in this alone and we have many resources that can assist us with moving forward and teach us about what our new normal will look like.

So what does the new normal look like for businesses in the near future? The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, along with the Colorado State Emergency Operations Center, have posted a guideline of best practices for all businesses, both essential and non-essential. This is a great resource to share with employers and employees alike.

In Aurora yesterday, a man was accused of shooting a Waffle House cook who refused to serve him for not wearing a face mask. This type of violence is expected to increase over the next few months as more and more businesses open. With all the violence that has been taking place at businesses due to the new rules and regulations, it is very important to help keep your employees and patrons safe. Make sure your business has a procedure to deal with uncooperative customers.

If you have questions about the re-opening of your business, COVID-19 business best practices or new rules and regulations, please contact Goodman and Wallace. We would be happy to help with your transition.