There was a lot of action in 2020 concerning community association law. Goodman and Wallace, P.C. would like to keep you up to date on all the new bills that passed during the 2020 Colorado legislative session below…

SB 20-126

Regarding the operation of a licensed family childcare business in a common interest community.

In this bill, homeowners that are in a community governed by the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act, are granted the ability to operate a licensed family childcare home, as defined under state law. The association would be required to make reasonable accommodations for any exterior fencing that would be applicable to licensed family childcare home. The family childcare homeowner or operator may be required by the association, to carry liability insurance in order to cover the operation of the family childcare home. This law is not applicable to communities that qualify as housing for the elderly under the Federal “Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995” law. Visit for more details.

HB 29-1074

Concerning the authorization for special districts to provide for the collection and transportation of solid waste.

This bill grants the water and sanitation district, the board of a sanitation district, or the metropolitan district, to provide residential and solid waste collection and transportation on behalf of the district. The board may require that the residents of the district pay charges or fees for the residential waste services. If the board contracts with a 3rd party service provider, the board will be required to publish a notice regarding the request of a proposal, 30 days or more, prior to awarding the contract. The board shall not award a contract that exceeds 3 years in duration. The board will need the consent of the city, county and municipality in order to collect waste.

HB 20-1093

Concerning county authority to license and regulate short-term rentals

This law grants the board of your local county commissioners the authority to license and regulate short-term rental owners or an owner’s agent who advertise or rent the owner’s lodging unit as a short-term rental and to set the terms, fees, and manner for short-term license issuance and revocation.